Is this really the type of life you want to be living? 

I’m writing because I’m upset and angry.. so I’m not going to promise that this post will make sense and I applogise in advance for how ranty this will be…

So to get why I’m so angry you first have to understand my situation. I’m in that weird stage of waiting for my monthly pay from my old job as well as waiting on my wages from my new job but I have to first work a week in hand. 

So basically I have no money. 

I had to ask Cole for my train fares for the week which is something I hate doing especially when his money is so tight as well. On top of this I’m skipping lunches while I’m working because I can’t afford to to eat with my colleges. On top of that I just had to fork out a fiver for some passport pictures for said new job so now I’m going to be struggling for train fares again. 

Now after a day like this I rang mum for some moral support, a pep talk a you can do this kind of chat.. instead I get, ‘is this really the style of life you’re choosing?’ 

Of course I’m not choosing this kind of life? You think I enjoy struggling to pay my bills, stressing about being able to make it to work on time, having to work up the courage to ask people I love for money because I don’t know what else I’m going to do? Of course not! 

Yes, I should have got this job sooner and no I don’t think my savings will be as big as they should be for when I want to move away.. and yes I’m still going to use my savings and go traveling because I don’t want a life where I’m working all day every day and never getting time to live! I want to experience the world and if that means I have to save and get by like this fine! I believe everything will work out in the end and don’t think for a minute you get to judge my life on these stressful, upsetting and hard few weeks of my life. Because that’s what they are.. a few weeks.. in a few months I’ll have forgotten them while I’m in another country experiencing their culture. 

Some people want money, some people want fame. I just want to be happy living life with Cole to the fullest we can, while we can. 


Forever a Struggling Artist (aka, stop picking on the little guys)

Hallo, It’s been a while! I haven’t felt too inspired to write on here lately. However something reccently happened and I feel it deserves a blog post of its own. 

A few weeks ago a girl got in contact with me about paying me for a painting of all the Disney villains for her. She offered 65 which of course would cover my expenses and time on the painting. Being the (probably too) trusting person I am, I didn’t ask for a deposit as she seemed so excited for the painting…

Two weeks on with the painting finished she now no longer wants it. This type of thing happens all the time, people thinking they can screw artists over because it must just be a hobby for me… right? I spent over £20 on the painting for her and two weeks of my time. It doesn’t seem a lot but let’s imagine that my only income was painting then she would have well and truly fucked me. Perhaps I would struggle to make rent this week or not be able to buy food. Of course to her it’s only a painting, an artist she doesn’t know… it doesn’t matter. 

The painting in question.

It’s not just painters this is happening to it’s everyone creative! The amount of people I have done acting work for and then not been paid because ‘it’s good exposure’ or ‘it’s not a real job’. I’m sick of people thinking that creatives are indispensable! Would you get Jonny deep to act for you then turn around and tell him you’re not going to pay him.. I think not! So quit doing it to the little guys!

I know this turned into a little bit of a rant so I’m going to leave it here. So many insanely talented people aren’t getting the recognition they deserve so if you ask a creative to do something for you, make sure you show them the respect they deserve.

Peace x 

The Power of Positivity

So I’ve been feeling a bit down the past few days; issues with myself, my current situation and my partners situation. I think the reason I’ve been in more of a funk than usual is because I’ve forgotten an important self taught lesson! Always stay positive! 

It sounds stupid and easier said than done but it works! I woke up at 6 this morning feeling sorry for myself because I had to get up and ready. The longer I sat up sipping on my Earl Grey (yes I still do drink it!) the more I thought about how insignificant this morning is. By 2pm today I will have forgotten the whole ordeal… 

with this logic I took a look at my life and how insignificant the struggle me and Cole are facing now will be once we finally escape this place. I’m just about to get another full time job which I have tried before and hated.. but this time I have something to work towards, a goal that makes everything seem worth it and I also have someone to face the struggle with me. 

I guess I’m writing this to encourage myself to remember this lesson and stay positive no matter how crappy things get. 

And your take away for today is this:  living in the now works well but when you can’t face the now, look to a point in the future and make it your goal. Whenever things feel hopeless, stay positive and look to that glowing horizon and think, soon I’ll be there and this won’t matter anymore. 

Peace x 

How to Be Successful at Anything

Lately I’ve been diving into a few business opportunities and I’ve found a pretty simple success formula that can be applied to pretty much anything! Wether you want to make a successful online company or become a yoga master, sit back, grab a coffee and read on to find out how.

  • What’s your goal?

Come up with a main goal of what you want to achieve, it’s all well and good saying you want to make a successful business but what are you selling? What kind of profit do you want to make? Where do you plan to promote it? Figure out all this kind of stuff and write it down. Seeing a list of your goals can help visualise what you’ve got to do and it also feels pretty good when you can cross them off 😉 

  • Research, research and a bit more research!

It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into so make sure you research your chosen goals. If you’re making a company that sells dog biscuits then you’ll need to research your competition, trends in the market and profit margins. I would say research is the most important part of the plan so make sure you do a lot of it! 

  • Do it daily!

So you’ve got your goals and you’re ready to be a success! Whatever you’re trying to achieve do it on a regular basis. If you’re making a blog, post on it daily, if you’re trying to become a famous YouTube make at least three videos a week and the rest of the time be promoting on social media. If you’re doing something to help your success daily, you’re more likely to achieve your goal faster. 

  • Put your all into it.

It’s all well and good working daily on your project but if you’re half arsing it then you’re not going to see results. Put everything you got into making your plans work! It might be this stage where you realise you’re actually not as passionate about what you’re doing as you thought you were. 

  • Get some help

If you’re anything like me, finding motivation on your own is hard. Finding a business partner or someone else who wants to achieve the same goal as you is a great way to keep yourself motivated! For example me and Cole are starting an online venture and can bounce off each other for support and ideas. 

  • Never back down

If you want to be a success never stop trying! If you give up you’re never gonna achieve your goals. It may take time to be a success but hang in there and stay positive because in the end if you want something bad enough it will happen eventually! 

I guess my conclusion is, you can be a success at anything you put your mind to so long as you work hard and stay positive! 

Peace x 

Dreams Can Change..

img_3853I’m not entirely sure why this topic has popped into my head this morning but regardless I feel I should talk about it anyway! For this post I have to take you back to my high school years (see picture below for visual representation). I had a boyfriend who I thought was pretty cool at the time, I probably thought I loved him (in that: you’re in high school and don’t really know what love it, kinda way).


I was a cool kid…

At the time all I cared about was finishing school, getting to sixth form and then going to uni so I could become an professional actor. Nothing would drive me from this path because It was all I wanted from life. My boyfriend at the time didn’t really understand and wanted me to move to where he lived once I finished school so we could be together… Yeah… no. So needless to say we broke up because I put my dream before my relationship with him.

Now fast forward to the end of sixth form (again cheeky pic down below for some mental conjuring inspiration!).


Still cool as ever…

I applied for a bunch of drama schools and began going to auditions. I very quickly realised it was a lot more difficult to get into these places than I had anticipated and more over I started to wonder if I actually wanted to go to a drama school. On my second year of applying I turning up to one of my auditions drunk/hung over, I think this was the moment I realised I didn’t want this anymore. I love acting but going to a drama school which was built upon prejudices and money was something I couldn’t be part of. My dream had changed..

If we go a few years after this I had moved in with a guy in Scotland. The next few years shaped me into what I am now. I was so unhappy in my relationship that all my priorities changed. I began acting as an escape from being in the flat, half hoping I would get a big break and be able to move away. Not only this but material possessions began to mean a lot more to me.  Suddenly I was obsessed with hording dvds and buying more Disney merch that I could possibly need. Looking back, I now see that my dreams had changed because of my mental state. I was filling the gap in my life with everything and anything that would comfort me.

Of course life works in cycles though and this cycle had very quickly come to an end. Suddenly the most important thing in my life was getting out of the flat I shared with my ex and sorting my life out! I was more than lucky to reconnect with Cole who inspired me to work hard and kept me sane in some of the darkest times of my life.

Aaaand back to present day..

I now live with bubba saving up for something bigger and better than our lives at the moment. My dreams have changed again, acting is still important to me and something I want to pursue but I have realised life is so short and I have experienced very little in my time. I want to travel and see other cultures. I want to learn how to do new things and live in new ways. I want to enjoy every day with someone who makes me feel like I don’t need to chase dreams, because when I’m with them it feels like all my dreams have come true anyway.

As we grow up we come to realise what matters most to us, dreams change and priorities shift. The key is to look inside yourself and ask are you truly happy? Or are you just filling those empty voids with false dreams?

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peace x

The Great Coffee Detox at its End

If you’re a regular here you’ll know two weeks ago I started a coffee detox in order to feel the effects of coffee again. 

It’s now the last day of my detox and I’m feeling pretty good to be going back to my liquid monster. 

I thought it would be fun to give you an idea of the hardships I’ve delt with this past few weeks. So without further adue I give you my detox diary: 

Day one: I can do this! I’m going to feel so much better for cutting coffee out! A few hours later: kill me..

Day two: why am I shaking?! What’s happening to me? God I look terrible! Am I really having withdrawals from a drink? 

Day four: I’ve finally stopped shaking, I’m beyond tired but this, this I can deal with! 

Day six: Today I’m out with Cole and we’re walking past so many coffee shops. This is torture! Cole doesn’t help by being the whisper demon that today can be our little secret. I stay strong. 

End of the first week: Even though I feel kind of crappy I feel good to have resisted for a whole week! I’ve been through withdrawals so the rest should be plain sailing! 

Day eight: I’m at work in the cafe and instead of making a coffee I make a mug of Earl Grey.. THIS STUFF IS DELICIOUS! 

Day nine: I’ve bought a pack of earl grey for the house… I pause to wonder if perhaps I’m just switching to another addiction.. 

Day Eleven: I notice Coles been using the filter coffee machine, this upsets me for than I like to admit. I sit and stroke the machine before drinking serveral cups of earl grey. 

Day thirteen: Freedom to drink coffee is almost here and as much as I’m happy I’m also slightly sad as I’ve enjoyed the challenge of not drinking the stuff. 

Day 14 of 14: Today I made a coffee at work only to be told the customer no longer wanted it…. the temptation to drink it was strong but with the thought that tomorrow I can finally touch the stuff again saw me through, as I watched the frothy coffee slowly drain down the sink. Tomorrow I can drink coffee again. I’ve already told myself I won’t drink as much as I’ve proved I can last without drinking coffee. I feel kinda good to have completed this task although I’m not sure if I feel any healthier! I guess we’ll just have to see if the detox has worked and coffees effects will work on me again. 

Day 0 revenge of the liquid life: Well I did it! Two whole weeks without coffee.. yeah I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. Bubba made me a sweet sweet cup of goodness this morning and boy did it feel good to drink it again! I resisted the urge to have another cup to take to work because I’m already feeling the coffee affects. Looks like my detox has been successful in restoring my body to normal instead of a coffee resistant machine! 

Your take away for today: sometimes it’s good to detox from something we know we have too much of, to test our will, to test our body and most importantly to appreciate it more once the detox is over. 
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Peace x 

How To Manage Your Time

Just a short post as I’m currently at the cafe working away! I just wanted to share my thoughts on time management and how important it can be. 

As I said earlier I’m working today, I was only going to do a short 4 hour shift but my boss just asked me to stay an hour longer. An hour extra isn’t a lot sure, so I agreed although I have plans to meet my moron in town after work..

As she walked away after dropping this bombshell (that I wouldn’t be finishing in the next half hour) I felt a sadness overwhelm me. It sounds silly but an extra hour makes a world of difference. I have to now get a later train into town resulting in me spending less time with Bubba. 

This wouldn’t be a major issue but we both work when each other are off so weekend afternoons are really the only chance to have fun out together. 

Soooo because of this situation I came up with a few helpful tips for getting the most from your time.

  • Work when you have to

Most of us are unfortunate in having to work for a living. This is something that can’t be bypassed as dollah is sorta important for general life… but! Only do the hours your scheduled (unless you’re saving then take those extra hours!) if you’re taking all the overtime and neglecting other aspects of your life you’re eventually going to get miserable! 

  • Prioritise your time

Figure out what the most important thing in your life is right now. Give that thing the most time and split the rest of rest of your time between everything else. For me spending time with Cole is at the top of my list so when planing my spare time I make sure I’m leaving a good chunk of it for that. 

  • Work hard, chill harder

I’m someone who had a ton of projects going on at the one time. I work at a cafe, I also paint and act. With so much of my time dedicated to different types of work I don’t have a lot of time for much else. However it is important (as I’ve said before) to make time to chill! Give yourself rest days so you’re not burning yourself out. 

  • Plan yo self!

Having a plan or perhaps a goal to work towards is always a good idea. If you’re dedicating a lot of your time to work, having something to motivate you like a holiday or big life change can help you feel you’re spending your time wisely in order to reach your goal. 

I can only hope this post makes sense as I have speed typed it all! Hahaa! My point is, spend your time wisely as you won’t get a refund. 

Peace x 

P.s I made it out of work 15 minutes early just in time to get that early train 😉

When Enjoyment Becomes a Chore

Well howdy! It’s been a little while for me posting on here and I guess that’s what sparked me to write this post. 

We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve started a new job that we love and over time we come to hate it more and more. Not because we hate what we’re doing but more because we’re being forced to do it on a regular basis. 

For example; at the start of the year I started a YouTube channel. I decided very quickly I would make daily vlogs of my life, which was something I really enjoyed doing! I loved filming, editing and uploading… but after 5 months I hated it. I was having to film every day when I didn’t feel like it, I had to edit for hours just for a few minutes of video and it was making me unhappy. So I called it quits. This doesn’t mean I won’t return to the tubes, it just means next time I’ll allow myself to slack and just make the videos I want to make. 

Obviously this ties in with my blog as well. I had begun to write here daily and as much as I love writing I know if I continued to feel like I had to do it daily I would end up hating it. So I post here when I’m in the mood and when I have something to say which is keeping me happy to write. 

I guess my advice for this post would be, do what you love! But do it on your own terms. As soon as you start to feel like you have to do something as opposed to wanting to do it, that’s when you’ll start to resent the task and it becomes a chore. 
Peace x 

But I’m Tired! (And other excuses)

Just a quick post today as I am pretty tired and have a lot to do at the cafe this morning… I promise I’m not making excuses, It’s the truth! 

Here we are again at the horrendous Monday morning where we’re reminded just how tired a person can get. I have work today, an all day 9 to 5 shift and once that’s done I’m going snowboarding. I can almost hear your voice, ‘snowboarding?! That’s so cool!’ Well yes but here’s my dilemma; even though I love snowboarding and I’ve wanted to go for ages… I’m currently so tired all I want to do is go to bed after I finish work. 

Of course that option would suck, not only would I not get to go snowboarding but I would also lose the money I paid to get on the slopes. Especially because I know once I get out there with the board under my feet I’ll enjoy myself, I just have to find the effort to motivate myself to go. 

I think all of us are guilty of having this kind of mindset at some point or another. I know it’s sometimes my excuse not to go out drinking, or to have a day at home chilling instead of outside adventuring. 

From a night out I was too tired to go on.. I ended up having an amazing time!

If you’re reading this thinking this sounds an awful lot like you, then perhaps today is the day to change! When I look back on all the times I’ve felt like this but gone and done the thing anyway, I remember how glad I was I did make the effort. If you go through life making excuses you’re going to miss all the best opportunities. 

If you take one thing away from reading this then take this; yes chill is important but don’t let it rule your life. Make time to do the things you think will benifit you or make you happy, even if at the time you can’t be bothered. In the end it’s better to have done something and thought I guess that was worth it, than not do it and always wonder if it would have been. 

Peace x 

How to Break Up… With Your Boss.

We’ve all been in that uncomfortable position of trying to word a letter of resignation or even a text to a business partner that you no longer wish to work with. As strange as it sounds this feel like a break up and we can often end up saying the wrong thing, leaving on bad terms. 

My inspiration for this blog post was a break up I had to make with a guy who was running a show I was part of. The problem was he’s such a sound guy and I still wanted to be able to contact him even after ending my contract. Problem is I’m the worst at break ups… THE VERY WORST! so I decided to come up with a few pointers I’ve learnt that can help you (and probably me again) in your break up journey…


In all break up situations we can end up nervous or stressed. My advice is take a second to breath (especially if you’re breaking up in person!), the worst thing you could do is stress out and end up rambling how ‘you’re such a good guy but I just don’t think I’m right for you! Like you’re lovely though!’ It makes you look kinda stupid and more importantly if you’re slurring a million reasons why you’re leaving, your boss won’t understand and will end up seeing it as a good thing you’re quitting. So you can kiss those parting on good terms goodbye! 

  • Good excuses

Okay let me clarify here! When I say excuses I mean enhanced reasons why you want to leave. Perhaps you just hate the job and you don’t want to do it anymore, of course you can’t say that to your boss! So you enhance your reason, perhaps you need a job that pays more because your bills have just gone up, or you need to move on so you can learn more in that industry because you want to be like your boss some day! Bulk up your reasons with things that will make your boss understand why you don’t just want to leave… but why you have to. 

  • Sorry and thank you

Pretty self explanatory. Thank them for the opportunities they’ve offered you. Apologise you’re leaving as you know this will put strain on the company to find someone to replace you. When I was quitting my old job I actually stayed through Christmas with them because I knew they would struggle without me. Little things like extending your notice to help them out goes a long way to stay in their good books. 

  • Reasons to stay in contact

If you’re wanting to stay on good terms with your boss you’re going to need a reason why. The most obvious one would be asking if they wouldn’t mind writing you a reference for your new job. Or if you’re quitting a show ask to keep in touch so you can be a part of another show once you’re in a better place to take part! 

  • If all else fails!

If all else fails and you pull the classic breakup lines on your boss there is still hope! Keep in contact with them anyway! Whether it’s adding them on Facebook and liking what they post or messaging them every now and then to see how things are going. 

Aaaaanyway! I was meant to post this yesterday but my cafe is so crazy busy I will have to dash! But just remember you’re not the only one who is bad at breakups and I’ve found myself stumbling over my words countless times to bosses! We’re only human and if anything your nervousness shows you care about your relationship with that person. 🙂 

If you want to read more about breaking up with bosses, Cole wrote a good one on how and why to ditch clients:

He’s not quite as amazing as me but still worth a read 😉 

And as always, peace x