How to Live Stress Free

This seems like an alien concept to most of us. Stress is a huge part of our daily lives, work related stress, relationship related stress even stress related stress! 

Now don’t get me wrong, a little bit of stress in our lives can be a good things, I for one enjoy the stress of serving all the customers at work even though it is tiring. But too much stress or unwanted stress isn’t healthy and you’ll find yourself bogged down in heaps of negativity if you don’t find a way to fight it! 

So here are a few tips I’ve used to battle my every day stress monster:

  • Keep your body happy!

One key thing to remember is stress puts a huge strain on your body and if you’re not looking after yourself then you’re only going to feel worse. Drink enough water, try and eat healthy meals and get into a regular sleep pattern so you’re getting enough kip! The worst thing you can do is try to combat your stress with another negative outlet like alcohol or smoking. You’ll end up relying on these outlets and becoming more overwhelmed by stress when you can’t get your hands on a bottle or fag. 

  • Keep a positive mind set!

No matter how crappy you feel it’s very important to stay positive! I know it’s a difficult thing to do when you’re feeling consumed, but finding the silver lining in things or even focusing on the good aspects of your day instead of stressing about the bad will help improve your mental wellbeing. I for one get stressed a lot but I found taking a few minutes out of my day to remind myself that everything will work out helps me find my zen. 

  • Avoid that stress! 

The best way to live stress free is to avoid stress in the first place! I found not caring what people think about me relieved a great deal of stress from my shoulders, you have to remember people are more wrapped up in themselves to care about what you’re doing, so don’t worry! Another way to avoid stress is to not hold grudges, Cole once told me that grudges are like holding hot coal ready to throw at someone, but in the end only you are getting hurt. Don’t let little things get to you because in the grand scheme of things it’s probably very insignificant. 

  • Find your zen!

I think this is probably the most important one; don’t forget to chill out! It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you take some time for yourself to unwind after a long day. Long walks with loved ones, binge watching Netflix or playing video games! Just don’t forget to chill! 

Cole winding down after a long day.. lol he’s gonna kill me 😂

I could go on and on but I’ve just to work and probably should crack on! So I’ll leave you with this.. 

No matter if you Stress or don’t stress about a situation, the outcome will always be the same. 

Peace x 


The great detox 

On average I drink the equivalent of about 10 cups of coffee a day, an unhealthy amount by anyone’s standards. It’s got to the point where I’ll drink this amount and still feel tired because my body has got so used to having this much caffeine in it every day.

So I decided to detox… something I’m starting to regret as I’m working full time this week so I’m unusually tired. I also work in a cafe so as you can imagine the temptation is very great just to make a sneaky expresso while serving a customer. 

I’m currently on day two of fourteen and I’m struggling. Without my usual amount of coffee my body is actually struggling to run at its usual speed. I guess it made me realise just how unhealthy I was and how glad I am to be strong willed enough to cut the caffeine. 

My hope is after this two weeks are up I’ll feel the effects of coffee once again, meaning I won’t have to drink such a large amount to feel awake. It’s not a nice feeling depending on a substance to get through your day, because when it comes down to it caffeine is a drug and I was most definitely addicted! 

I’m not entirely sure if I had a point to make by writing this post, I just felt like sharing because I’m finding withdrawals pretty rough. My only advice today is, if you think you’re having too much of something you probably are and maybe try a detox too. And always talk about things that are upsetting or bothering you because you’ll feel better sharing them.. even if it is to a blog that nobody reads 😉

Peace! X 

The universe and God..

Credit to the BBC

Okay so I understand some people reading this might be offended if you’re heavy religious, if that’s the case don’t read on! Haha otherwise just bare in mind that these are my opinions and you are more than welcome to your own. With that being said, let’s get on with it! 

So as a kid I was raised in a Christian household and went to both a catholic primary and high school. Don’t get me wrong my parents weren’t really religious they just wanted me to have the option there for me. Very quickly I made my mind up for myself, I disliked going to church because I felt out of place and the idea of an omnipresent being letting the terrors of the world happen seemed ridiculous to me! 

I kept these opinions for a very long time and yes it was a closed minded way to look at the world. I believe in ghosts and mediums so why not the big guy who made us all? 

It was actually my good friend Christine who opened my eyes to the world. One of the first things she taught me was ‘thoughts become things’, if you want something bad enough it will happen. She believed that she could communicate with the universe and would ask its help, and believe it or not.. it worked! 

During this time I was going through a rough patch of my life, I was living with an ex and working a 9-5 job I didn’t enjoy. I was miserable and making some pretty bad life choices.

So I started talking to the universe and I heard its responses, whether it was through the wind blowing some trees or a post on Facebook, it always found a way to give me an answer. Looking back I realise now that when I didn’t get a response it was the universe warning me I was making a bad decision and perhaps if I listened straight away I could have been saved some of the upset. 

How does this relate to God? I hear you cry! 

Well, I didn’t think it was connected until I was stopped on a train by a group of Christians. One nervous looking boy approached me and told me that him and his friends go out on the streets to spread the world of God. He explained that before they go out they would write a list of things that pop in to their mind anything from; orange sandles to floaral shorts.. then they would see if they can spot the people that match the descriptions.

He told me that today he had written green stripped jumper and of course that’s what I was wearing. All he said was that God has a plan for me and I shouldn’t be worried because he is looking out for me and everything is going to be okay. I was sat staring at him with my mouth open to which is asked if that made sense.. 

being English I gave him the stiff upper lip and mumbled something about how it was odd while hurriedly getting up and off the train. Only to bust into tears once I was out on the platform.

Of course yes the sceptics among us will see it as just a coincidence but at the time hearing those words at that time of my life made sense to me. What made it even more emotional was the fact I was actually on my way to meet Cole (before we had started dating) and the jumper had been something he had convinced me to buy. Perhaps a sign that a higher force was trying to tell me I belonged with him.

Ma pretty boyfriend

This experience didn’t make me believe in ‘God’ but made me think perhaps the universe in itself is our God. It can’t stop the bad things happening but it sure as hell can guide you if you need it. 

In the end it’s all down to a matter of opinion whether you believe in God, the universe or living life through the force. Either way I think all of it is connected, we are all connected, through one great spirit and perhaps if we all could see that then our world might get along a little better.

Peace x 

YouTube: yay or nay? 

YouTube has always been a huge part of my life, going from watching people to making my own content. I’ve seen both aspects of the website and seem the dramatic changes over the years. 

I recently jumped back into the YouTube scene after quitting my job as I wanted to film the transition my life took. However getting views on YouTube has become increasingly difficult due to YouTube changing its  algorithm to benefit the bigger Youtubers leaving the little guys in the dust. 

And of course I never started my channel to get millions of views but a lot of my vlogs take hours to edit and when you’re only getting a couple views it starts to become a problem. Many viewers don’t even see my videos in their sub boxes which is something YouTube has always had problems with (and you would think they would have fixed by now). 

It seems the only way to really get noticed on YouTube is to;

A) already be a big YouTuber (lol)

B) market yourself and build up a huge social following that will support your videos

C) searchable content baby!

Obviously all these come with obvious drawbacks and difficulties but it is do able! 

My advice to anyone wanting to start a YouTube channel would be to have low expectations, in a lot of cases you won’t get the same views as you have subscribers, the key is to not let this get you down. Make videos for yourself and your own enjoyment! YouTube can very quickly feel like a chore especially if you’re uploading to a strict schedule so make sure you do enjoy making the content otherwise your YouTube channel will end up as a negative energy in your life, which will show in your videos or in your personal life.

Other tips would be make sure your video thumbnails are noticeable and clickbatey (I know it’s horrendous but it gets views). Your description and title should also grab people’s attention. Get tubebuddy as an add on which will help you create the best tags for your videos as well as helping with promotion techniques. And most of all! Make your content good! Most people get bored in the first 10 seconds of a video so make sure your video starts with a bang! 

An alternative to YouTube would be a new site called vidme which seems to be like the old YouTube. Defo worth a look into if you’re wanting to start a channel to reach a larger audience. 

In the end, making videos should be fun so never let a website kill your creativity! 

Peace x

Why do I need context?

How to Survive Working 9 to 5 

So now we’re all ‘grown up’ a lot of us are working 9 to 5 jobs and sadly a lot of us aren’t happy in these jobs either because of the hours or because the job isn’t what we want to do. 

So I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks I’ve learnt, to help you get through the hellish 9 to 5! 

  1. Work towards a goal. A lot of times working 9 to 5 can feel like we’re trapped in a never ending cycle and this of course has negative effects on our mental wellbeing. If you dislike your job make your goal to find another job or save up to move to a better location for the job you actually want to do. If you’re happy in your job perhaps work towards a promotion or save up for an item or holiday. 
  2. Stay positive. Being happy is all about mind set. If you hate your job then remind yourself every morning that your situation isn’t permanent, this is just a stepping stone in your life. Don’t focus on the negative aspects of your work, instead find the things you like about your job and focus more of these. 
  3. Leave it at work! Wether you like your job or not everyone has bad days. Don’t take your work home with you, mentally disconnect yourself from it. Your home is your sanctuary where you should be at peace and taking home stress or anger from work only makes your home life negative as well. Don’t dwell on things folks, it will only make you feel worse than you already feel! 
  4. Chill when you can. Downtime is super important! Make sure you’re doing things you enjoy on your time off, and chilling when you can regardless of housework that needs doing. Keeping yourself happy is number one! 
  5. Treat yourself. No matter how broke you are, no matter if you’re saving every penny towards that holiday or new home; treat yourself! And by that I’m not saying go out with a credit card and buy yourself masses of stuff, I’m saying treat yourself to a coffee or maybe a meal out. If you go through life telling yourself you can have this or you can’t have that you’ll end up even more miserable. You’re working hard and you deserve that coffee! 

There are probably a million more points I could make but I’ll leave you with this. If you’re not happy in your job figure out why and seek to fix it. Life is far to short so make sure you spend it doing something you love. 

Peace ya’ll x 

After working a 9 to 5 shift me and Cole went on a walk down to river. Something so simple made us both very happy and reminded us why we were working so damn hard 🙂

Acting Agencies: the good, the bad and the just plain shit! 

So there are a number of different kinds of agents for all us actor folk out there…

There are the extra agencies open to all! The private extra agencies that only allow you to be on their books while boasting if you’re good enough they will act as your personal agent. Then you get the actual agents, these guys are the big dogs and every actors dreams to secure one for themselves! 

Having been in the industry for a number of years I’ve learnt a few things about agencies and today I thought I would share my tricks with you! 

What to look out for

  • Some agencies (especially London based ones) will tell you to join their books you have to pay a fee upfront. This can be anything from £20 to £200. These agencies are not legit! Never pay to join an agencies books because chances are they’ll take your money and not get you any work. 
  • When joining an agency always read the small print on your contract. All agencies take commission from your wages made through then and it’s always handy to know what pecentage they’ll be taking. Good agencies will only take around 10% to 20%, bad ones will try to take a lot more, leaving you with hardly any money.
  • Where’s my money?! Always check how long your agency takes to pay you, most are roughly six weeks depending on the job but others can take up to three months to pay you! 
  • Finally if you are just going to be doing extra work join as many agencies as possible! This increases your chances of being offered work, just make sure you don’t book the same job with two different agencies as this is cause for them to kick you from their books! 

That’s just a few things I’ve learnt from being part of a few different agencies. Needless to say you’ll find out yourself what agency is right for you even if it does take going through the rubbish ones to find it.

Peace x 

To my Dad..

Ironically Dad doesn’t know the first thing about getting online so he’ll probably never see this… lol

Dear Dad, 

I know that back when I was kid we used to be super close, we would stay up late watching Robot Wars (even though mum disapproved!) running upstairs to bed as soon as we heard her key click in the lock. 

We shared some good times and you were always there in the bad. I’ll always remember waking up from nightmares shouting you in so you could check my room for monsters, I remember only letting you brush my hair because mum didn’t do it right, I remember how you never let me go to bed angry, I remember how you trusted me with the truth when mum got ill.

You made me wise and brave, teaching me to never let my brothers get the better of me (or anyone for that matter). You made me into the strong person I am today and words can never express how grateful I am. 

But I never tell you any of this.. 

Over the years we somehow drifted apart because I needed advice that only mum could give. When a boy broke my heart you didn’t know what to say, when I wanted to talk about make up and clothes you didn’t know what to say, when I grew up into a woman and moved away, you didn’t know what to say.

And now it’s 2017 and you’re making jokes about not making it to 2018 so I find myself needed you to know how much I love you more than ever.

I regret that we aren’t as close as we used to be but I’ll always need you. You’ll never stop being my hero, my slaver of bad dreams, my best dad in the world! Even if you think you’re only around to make the numbers up, I’m glad you’re there for me now and forever. I love you Dad and I’m sorry it’s only Father’s Day I’ve taken the time to tell you how much you mean to me. 

Thanks for being the greatest Dad ever! 

Love, April (you’re amazing daughter) 

It’s just you and me babe

How to ‘Face the Past’

This is a phrase that we like to throw around a lot but I question wether the people saying it actually know how to. I mean you can’t exactly go back, look it dead in the eye and say, ‘I don’t care about you anymore,’ right? 

Well kinda… There are a few ways we can ‘face up’ to our past and come to terms with it. 

Most people have some bad memories or experiences in their past whether it’s a person who screwed them over, a death of a loved one or something entirely different. Point is we all have history and a lot of us find it difficult to deal with, so you’re not alone! 

Some people find that if a person has screwed you over then talking to that person and resolving the bad blood can put your past to bed, or perhaps visiting the place where a bad event happened and seeing it as a normal place instead of the hell hole you remember can help. Others find that talking through their past with a loved one can also help. 

In my personal experience, coming to terms with my past was very difficult. I found that talking about things is always a good thing (even if it feels like you’re reliving bad memories) it feels good to get things off your chest and sharing the burden with someone is somewhat freeing. 

I also discovered that facing the past is more of a mind set than anything else. Instead of looking back negatively thinking 

what a shit time I was having

Think more along the lines of 

remember how bad that was, and I made it through that. If I can make it through that, I can sure as hell make it through whatever life throws at me now! 

In the end your past made you who you are today, so ignoring it and pretending it didn’t happen is like closing off a part of yourself. And as much as the memories can still be painful just remember you’re stronger because you went through it. I for one would live my life exactly the way I have, bad times and all because I like who I am today and in the end, today is all that matters. 

Thanks for reading, peace and love x

Act your Age

What a load of bullshit! 

I think this could be one of the worst phrases humans have come up with. We live in a society plagued by people who are forced to grow up to quickly, becoming old and usually boring before their time. I’m talking about the 20 year olds who stay at home at the weekends because they’re too tired to do anything else.. I’m talking about the 30 year olds who complain they can’t make a fool of themselves anymore… I’m talking about all the people who think they’re too old for fun.

Speaking from personal experience, I’m somebody who was forced to grow up early in my childhood for a number of reasons. I had to become an adult to deal with all the things that were going on around me. Now I’m 21 and sure I can be an adult I can look at this with old eyes because I’ve got the experience to do this. That doesn’t mean for one second that’s how I live my whole life!

I don’t act my age half of the time, I can usually be found, running around outside being stupid or at home making animal noises because I think it’s hilarious!

I guess the point I’m making is, don’t act your age. Do what you want to do without worrying if someone your age should be doing that. If you want to wear a silly hat to work, do it! If you want to go snowboarding even though you know you’ll be terrible, do it! If you really want to go to the zoo and get that childish excitement of being near wild animals, fucking do it!!

Don’t waste your life living as if you’re just a number. You’re a human who is capable of anything you set your mind to, all your have to think is,

fuck it.


A recent trip to Edinburgh zoo reminded me it was okay to feel like a kid again. 

Note to self


Im currently on my way home from a rehearsal for a touring singing show I’m part of.  I felt today’s rehearsal went pretty terribly but instead of moping about it on the train I decided to begin writing what I thought went well and what I thought (went shit) went less well.

I start with the positives to try cheer myself up and get a whopping total of three bullet points..

  • I proved I could sing
  • I made friends with most of them
  • I did alright with harmonys

Then as I began writing the more depressing list I got stuck on my second bullet point… all of things I thought had gone wrong was just from one main bullet point, the rest was just assumptions of what people had thought of me. So I abandoned the list and instead took a note to self!

Note to self: 

You did amazing! You’re not a professional singer and you survived singing with them. Don’t feel like you’ve failed because you haven’t, know you’re not professional and build on it! Next week no hiding in baggy hoodies and show them the confident lion inside! You fucking rock bitch!

Sometimes it’s better to look at the bigger picture. Appreciate your strengths and your weaknesses and learn from them. Besides if you’re really that bad at something you can only get better at it the more you try.

Peace ya’ll  x