Forever a Struggling Artist (aka, stop picking on the little guys)

Hallo, It’s been a while! I haven’t felt too inspired to write on here lately. However something reccently happened and I feel it deserves a blog post of its own. 

A few weeks ago a girl got in contact with me about paying me for a painting of all the Disney villains for her. She offered 65 which of course would cover my expenses and time on the painting. Being the (probably too) trusting person I am, I didn’t ask for a deposit as she seemed so excited for the painting…

Two weeks on with the painting finished she now no longer wants it. This type of thing happens all the time, people thinking they can screw artists over because it must just be a hobby for me… right? I spent over £20 on the painting for her and two weeks of my time. It doesn’t seem a lot but let’s imagine that my only income was painting then she would have well and truly fucked me. Perhaps I would struggle to make rent this week or not be able to buy food. Of course to her it’s only a painting, an artist she doesn’t know… it doesn’t matter. 

The painting in question.

It’s not just painters this is happening to it’s everyone creative! The amount of people I have done acting work for and then not been paid because ‘it’s good exposure’ or ‘it’s not a real job’. I’m sick of people thinking that creatives are indispensable! Would you get Jonny deep to act for you then turn around and tell him you’re not going to pay him.. I think not! So quit doing it to the little guys!

I know this turned into a little bit of a rant so I’m going to leave it here. So many insanely talented people aren’t getting the recognition they deserve so if you ask a creative to do something for you, make sure you show them the respect they deserve.

Peace x 


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