Yoh! Welcome to my page! 😀

My name is April Granelli and at the start of the year I quit my job…

Last year was probably one of the roughest times of my life. I was trapped living in a one bedroom flat with my ex-boyfriend who was determined to make my life a mystery. He was the main tenant of the property and so decided once we broke up that rent had increased as well as claiming I owed him thousands of pounds. With nowhere to go and the festive season approaching, I was forced to start working full-time at a job I loathed in order to pay his demands.

My routine quickly became; wake up, work, fight with Ex, sleep, repeat. I lived only for the weekends, finding that was the only time I could ever come close to being happy. My dreams of being an actor seemed to be slipping further and further away as I became consumed by the vicious cycle I was stuck in.

I’m not entirely sure what it was that made me crack. It could have been the conversations I had to have with family and friends who thought I had become too skinny. It might have been the fight with my ex in which he threatened to take my entire months wage from me, that left me sat on a park bench in the middle of the night in my pjs, unable to go home. In reality it was a combination of all these things and the realisation that life was far too short to live it unhappily.

One of the strangest memories I have of the build up to quitting my job was New Year. My best friend was coming to visit and we had planned such an amazing few days, going to gigs, hanging out with a guy I had fallen for and getting shit faced for New year! I remember sitting in the packed up room of that horrible flat and laughing. I laughed until my sides hurt and tears rolled down my face because I couldn’t remember the last time I had been that happy. That was when it truly struck home just how miserable I had been for so long.

Four months on and I have a lot to be grateful for. I have a cosy wee flat with a complimentary guardian ghost. I no longer dread going to work or coming home. Sure, money is tight as I’m still setting myself up but I have enough people to count on until I make it big. Finding work is difficult but I like the challenge of having something to strive for whether it’s joining acting agencies, selling paintings or messaging independent companies to make videos for them. I also started a YouTube channel which I couldn’t be prouder of! I’m so surprised with the amount of support I’ve had and hope I can inspire at least one person to follow their dreams through watching my videos.

And finally I’m now truly happy and the best thing? I have someone I love eternally to share my happiness with.

And to think it all started with two little words,