But I’m Tired! (And other excuses)

Just a quick post today as I am pretty tired and have a lot to do at the cafe this morning… I promise I’m not making excuses, It’s the truth! 

Here we are again at the horrendous Monday morning where we’re reminded just how tired a person can get. I have work today, an all day 9 to 5 shift and once that’s done I’m going snowboarding. I can almost hear your voice, ‘snowboarding?! That’s so cool!’ Well yes but here’s my dilemma; even though I love snowboarding and I’ve wanted to go for ages… I’m currently so tired all I want to do is go to bed after I finish work. 

Of course that option would suck, not only would I not get to go snowboarding but I would also lose the money I paid to get on the slopes. Especially because I know once I get out there with the board under my feet I’ll enjoy myself, I just have to find the effort to motivate myself to go. 

I think all of us are guilty of having this kind of mindset at some point or another. I know it’s sometimes my excuse not to go out drinking, or to have a day at home chilling instead of outside adventuring. 

From a night out I was too tired to go on.. I ended up having an amazing time!

If you’re reading this thinking this sounds an awful lot like you, then perhaps today is the day to change! When I look back on all the times I’ve felt like this but gone and done the thing anyway, I remember how glad I was I did make the effort. If you go through life making excuses you’re going to miss all the best opportunities. 

If you take one thing away from reading this then take this; yes chill is important but don’t let it rule your life. Make time to do the things you think will benifit you or make you happy, even if at the time you can’t be bothered. In the end it’s better to have done something and thought I guess that was worth it, than not do it and always wonder if it would have been. 

Peace x 


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