How to Break Up… With Your Boss.

We’ve all been in that uncomfortable position of trying to word a letter of resignation or even a text to a business partner that you no longer wish to work with. As strange as it sounds this feel like a break up and we can often end up saying the wrong thing, leaving on bad terms. 

My inspiration for this blog post was a break up I had to make with a guy who was running a show I was part of. The problem was he’s such a sound guy and I still wanted to be able to contact him even after ending my contract. Problem is I’m the worst at break ups… THE VERY WORST! so I decided to come up with a few pointers I’ve learnt that can help you (and probably me again) in your break up journey…


In all break up situations we can end up nervous or stressed. My advice is take a second to breath (especially if you’re breaking up in person!), the worst thing you could do is stress out and end up rambling how ‘you’re such a good guy but I just don’t think I’m right for you! Like you’re lovely though!’ It makes you look kinda stupid and more importantly if you’re slurring a million reasons why you’re leaving, your boss won’t understand and will end up seeing it as a good thing you’re quitting. So you can kiss those parting on good terms goodbye! 

  • Good excuses

Okay let me clarify here! When I say excuses I mean enhanced reasons why you want to leave. Perhaps you just hate the job and you don’t want to do it anymore, of course you can’t say that to your boss! So you enhance your reason, perhaps you need a job that pays more because your bills have just gone up, or you need to move on so you can learn more in that industry because you want to be like your boss some day! Bulk up your reasons with things that will make your boss understand why you don’t just want to leave… but why you have to. 

  • Sorry and thank you

Pretty self explanatory. Thank them for the opportunities they’ve offered you. Apologise you’re leaving as you know this will put strain on the company to find someone to replace you. When I was quitting my old job I actually stayed through Christmas with them because I knew they would struggle without me. Little things like extending your notice to help them out goes a long way to stay in their good books. 

  • Reasons to stay in contact

If you’re wanting to stay on good terms with your boss you’re going to need a reason why. The most obvious one would be asking if they wouldn’t mind writing you a reference for your new job. Or if you’re quitting a show ask to keep in touch so you can be a part of another show once you’re in a better place to take part! 

  • If all else fails!

If all else fails and you pull the classic breakup lines on your boss there is still hope! Keep in contact with them anyway! Whether it’s adding them on Facebook and liking what they post or messaging them every now and then to see how things are going. 

Aaaaanyway! I was meant to post this yesterday but my cafe is so crazy busy I will have to dash! But just remember you’re not the only one who is bad at breakups and I’ve found myself stumbling over my words countless times to bosses! We’re only human and if anything your nervousness shows you care about your relationship with that person. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

If you want to read more about breaking up with bosses, Cole wrote a good one on how and why to ditch clients:

He’s not quite as amazing as me but still worth a read ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

And as always, peace x 


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