The Power of Positivity

So I’ve been feeling a bit down the past few days; issues with myself, my current situation and my partners situation. I think the reason I’ve been in more of a funk than usual is because I’ve forgotten an important self taught lesson! Always stay positive! 

It sounds stupid and easier said than done but it works! I woke up at 6 this morning feeling sorry for myself because I had to get up and ready. The longer I sat up sipping on my Earl Grey (yes I still do drink it!) the more I thought about how insignificant this morning is. By 2pm today I will have forgotten the whole ordeal… 

with this logic I took a look at my life and how insignificant the struggle me and Cole are facing now will be once we finally escape this place. I’m just about to get another full time job which I have tried before and hated.. but this time I have something to work towards, a goal that makes everything seem worth it and I also have someone to face the struggle with me. 

I guess I’m writing this to encourage myself to remember this lesson and stay positive no matter how crappy things get. 

And your take away for today is this:  living in the now works well but when you can’t face the now, look to a point in the future and make it your goal. Whenever things feel hopeless, stay positive and look to that glowing horizon and think, soon I’ll be there and this won’t matter anymore. 

Peace x 


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