The Great Coffee Detox at its End

If you’re a regular here you’ll know two weeks ago I started a coffee detox in order to feel the effects of coffee again. 

It’s now the last day of my detox and I’m feeling pretty good to be going back to my liquid monster. 

I thought it would be fun to give you an idea of the hardships I’ve delt with this past few weeks. So without further adue I give you my detox diary: 

Day one: I can do this! I’m going to feel so much better for cutting coffee out! A few hours later: kill me..

Day two: why am I shaking?! What’s happening to me? God I look terrible! Am I really having withdrawals from a drink? 

Day four: I’ve finally stopped shaking, I’m beyond tired but this, this I can deal with! 

Day six: Today I’m out with Cole and we’re walking past so many coffee shops. This is torture! Cole doesn’t help by being the whisper demon that today can be our little secret. I stay strong. 

End of the first week: Even though I feel kind of crappy I feel good to have resisted for a whole week! I’ve been through withdrawals so the rest should be plain sailing! 

Day eight: I’m at work in the cafe and instead of making a coffee I make a mug of Earl Grey.. THIS STUFF IS DELICIOUS! 

Day nine: I’ve bought a pack of earl grey for the house… I pause to wonder if perhaps I’m just switching to another addiction.. 

Day Eleven: I notice Coles been using the filter coffee machine, this upsets me for than I like to admit. I sit and stroke the machine before drinking serveral cups of earl grey. 

Day thirteen: Freedom to drink coffee is almost here and as much as I’m happy I’m also slightly sad as I’ve enjoyed the challenge of not drinking the stuff. 

Day 14 of 14: Today I made a coffee at work only to be told the customer no longer wanted it…. the temptation to drink it was strong but with the thought that tomorrow I can finally touch the stuff again saw me through, as I watched the frothy coffee slowly drain down the sink. Tomorrow I can drink coffee again. I’ve already told myself I won’t drink as much as I’ve proved I can last without drinking coffee. I feel kinda good to have completed this task although I’m not sure if I feel any healthier! I guess we’ll just have to see if the detox has worked and coffees effects will work on me again. 

Day 0 revenge of the liquid life: Well I did it! Two whole weeks without coffee.. yeah I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. Bubba made me a sweet sweet cup of goodness this morning and boy did it feel good to drink it again! I resisted the urge to have another cup to take to work because I’m already feeling the coffee affects. Looks like my detox has been successful in restoring my body to normal instead of a coffee resistant machine! 

Your take away for today: sometimes it’s good to detox from something we know we have too much of, to test our will, to test our body and most importantly to appreciate it more once the detox is over. 
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Peace x 


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