When Enjoyment Becomes a Chore

Well howdy! It’s been a little while for me posting on here and I guess that’s what sparked me to write this post. 

We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve started a new job that we love and over time we come to hate it more and more. Not because we hate what we’re doing but more because we’re being forced to do it on a regular basis. 

For example; at the start of the year I started a YouTube channel. I decided very quickly I would make daily vlogs of my life, which was something I really enjoyed doing! I loved filming, editing and uploading… but after 5 months I hated it. I was having to film every day when I didn’t feel like it, I had to edit for hours just for a few minutes of video and it was making me unhappy. So I called it quits. This doesn’t mean I won’t return to the tubes, it just means next time I’ll allow myself to slack and just make the videos I want to make. 

Obviously this ties in with my blog as well. I had begun to write here daily and as much as I love writing I know if I continued to feel like I had to do it daily I would end up hating it. So I post here when I’m in the mood and when I have something to say which is keeping me happy to write. 

I guess my advice for this post would be, do what you love! But do it on your own terms. As soon as you start to feel like you have to do something as opposed to wanting to do it, that’s when you’ll start to resent the task and it becomes a chore. 
Peace x 


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