How to Be Successful at Anything

Lately I’ve been diving into a few business opportunities and I’ve found a pretty simple success formula that can be applied to pretty much anything! Wether you want to make a successful online company or become a yoga master, sit back, grab a coffee and read on to find out how.

  • What’s your goal?

Come up with a main goal of what you want to achieve, it’s all well and good saying you want to make a successful business but what are you selling? What kind of profit do you want to make? Where do you plan to promote it? Figure out all this kind of stuff and write it down. Seeing a list of your goals can help visualise what you’ve got to do and it also feels pretty good when you can cross them off 😉 

  • Research, research and a bit more research!

It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into so make sure you research your chosen goals. If you’re making a company that sells dog biscuits then you’ll need to research your competition, trends in the market and profit margins. I would say research is the most important part of the plan so make sure you do a lot of it! 

  • Do it daily!

So you’ve got your goals and you’re ready to be a success! Whatever you’re trying to achieve do it on a regular basis. If you’re making a blog, post on it daily, if you’re trying to become a famous YouTube make at least three videos a week and the rest of the time be promoting on social media. If you’re doing something to help your success daily, you’re more likely to achieve your goal faster. 

  • Put your all into it.

It’s all well and good working daily on your project but if you’re half arsing it then you’re not going to see results. Put everything you got into making your plans work! It might be this stage where you realise you’re actually not as passionate about what you’re doing as you thought you were. 

  • Get some help

If you’re anything like me, finding motivation on your own is hard. Finding a business partner or someone else who wants to achieve the same goal as you is a great way to keep yourself motivated! For example me and Cole are starting an online venture and can bounce off each other for support and ideas. 

  • Never back down

If you want to be a success never stop trying! If you give up you’re never gonna achieve your goals. It may take time to be a success but hang in there and stay positive because in the end if you want something bad enough it will happen eventually! 

I guess my conclusion is, you can be a success at anything you put your mind to so long as you work hard and stay positive! 

Peace x 


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