How To Manage Your Time

Just a short post as I’m currently at the cafe working away! I just wanted to share my thoughts on time management and how important it can be. 

As I said earlier I’m working today, I was only going to do a short 4 hour shift but my boss just asked me to stay an hour longer. An hour extra isn’t a lot sure, so I agreed although I have plans to meet my moron in town after work..

As she walked away after dropping this bombshell (that I wouldn’t be finishing in the next half hour) I felt a sadness overwhelm me. It sounds silly but an extra hour makes a world of difference. I have to now get a later train into town resulting in me spending less time with Bubba. 

This wouldn’t be a major issue but we both work when each other are off so weekend afternoons are really the only chance to have fun out together. 

Soooo because of this situation I came up with a few helpful tips for getting the most from your time.

  • Work when you have to

Most of us are unfortunate in having to work for a living. This is something that can’t be bypassed as dollah is sorta important for general life… but! Only do the hours your scheduled (unless you’re saving then take those extra hours!) if you’re taking all the overtime and neglecting other aspects of your life you’re eventually going to get miserable! 

  • Prioritise your time

Figure out what the most important thing in your life is right now. Give that thing the most time and split the rest of rest of your time between everything else. For me spending time with Cole is at the top of my list so when planing my spare time I make sure I’m leaving a good chunk of it for that. 

  • Work hard, chill harder

I’m someone who had a ton of projects going on at the one time. I work at a cafe, I also paint and act. With so much of my time dedicated to different types of work I don’t have a lot of time for much else. However it is important (as I’ve said before) to make time to chill! Give yourself rest days so you’re not burning yourself out. 

  • Plan yo self!

Having a plan or perhaps a goal to work towards is always a good idea. If you’re dedicating a lot of your time to work, having something to motivate you like a holiday or big life change can help you feel you’re spending your time wisely in order to reach your goal. 

I can only hope this post makes sense as I have speed typed it all! Hahaa! My point is, spend your time wisely as you won’t get a refund. 

Peace x 

P.s I made it out of work 15 minutes early just in time to get that early train 😉


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